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You did not arrive here by mistake or by chance.

You are here, right here right now, with specific reason.

You found this site because you belong here.

About Maya

A Rising Tide Raises All Boats…

Angels, Messengers, and Insightful Vibrations have consciously and continuously raised Maya’s awareness about herself and her Life. Truths made known through visions of unbounded realization reassure Maya that we are one with an infinite expression of Light. Journeying beyond the limited perceptions of being, Maya experiences direct communications with the Divine.

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Spirit Pearls Newsletter

Spirit Pearls Newsletter

Combining her 46 years of direct communication with Spirit and her 14 years as a certified Master Level Reiki Practitioner; Maya, defined as Seer of the Veil of Illusion, will facilitate and guide your Spirit Reading. Six different levels of Spirit Readings are offered. Your selection initiates the release of blocked energy keeping your from your highest good and greatest joy; and determines the degree of vibration through which you will connect with the higher awareness yearning to connect with you.

Ask yourself, "Why am I here?"

Allow your senses to select the level of Reading provided by Spirit, which most resonates with your need at this time.

"The reading was so comfortable and personalized that I felt like I was speaking with an old friend. During the reading, I received validation on things that I had already been sensing and experiencing, with Maya knowing nothing more than my first name and phone number. This reading has enriched my personal spiritual growth and provided guidance on my path moving forward."
- Jessica A.

As is Above...So is Below

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